I'm truly amazed...

Vivienne Gucwa
Just how creative people really are.  There are times I feel sorry for generations past that didn't have these opportunities to explore people, culture, arts, music.  I am awed by the magnitude of it all.  The distance between you and me is both miles away, and yet, right there next to me.
Share this with people.  Share this wide world of beauty, of magnificence, of pain and sorrow, of absolute wonder.
Some of the things that are at your fingertips...
  1. The greatest works of literature known to man
  2. Stunning pictures of the awesome wonders from around the world
  3. Inspirational speeches from some of the most motivational people in the world
  4. Music from the famous, infamous and unknown
  5. and of course you, your thoughts, feelings, fears, triumphs, and challenges.
It's all here - just think how terribly, awfully, wonderfully cool that really is - and we are here, now.  All I can say is WOW.
the above picture [Coney Island Mermaid Parade 2012] is from an photographer named Vivienne Gucwa - I may be one of the best compositions I have seen - the colors, the scene, the shear happiness on her face.  


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