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One thing that is bugging me, and I'm going to be a bit more active on my blog than I have recently, because I believe this subject is important - is that right now, we aren't supporting Entrepreneurship  enough in this country.

Startup, small business, new ideas - those are what will drive the economy, not support the an old, possibly outdated economic model.  Small businesses, as a group, provide much needed support to any community - in fact, small towns that have a "corporation" presence, are usually worse off than those that have a strong, diverse small business community.  The schools are better, the parks are better, the overall community has a completely different feel.  You may or may see the affects in a large city, but you can see it in a small town.

I believe the billions spent to support the BIG financial institutions was money poorly invested by our government.  The same companies that almost cratered us, are the ones that got billions - doesn't seem right.  Those same billions could have put money right back into a thousands of small business, and incubated thousands of new idea - and created new jobs. 

That's what I believe and that's what I'm going to start writing about.  Entrepreneurship.

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