Trust | what is it about our economy?

I've been thinking about this for a while, but why isn't our economy "seeming" to get better - why is consumer confidence so low - yet, the stock market it up and interest rates are very low - so why?

My belief is it comes down to trust.  We have daily reminders about how tough things are out there and how much things cost.  All you have to do is drive down the street - wherever you go, there is a constant reminder - the price of gas.  It goes up (and down) on a daily basis.  And those times when you think "that was 10 cents cheaper yesterday, why did it go up?" - it reminds you that the last time you filled up it cost a bunch of money.  So, now it will cost more.  And if that's not enough, just go the grocery store.  It amazes me everytime how much food has gone up, and it's still going up.

So, we see these things, it's evidence of our reality, the life we live today.  And then if you hear one  of our politicians talk, or the talking heads on the news channels, you wonder if they are living in the same world you live in.  Do they struggle with the price of gas, of groceries?  Why is their priority to "battle" rather than "solve" issues.  Why are we having this debate - get something done for us today, so our lives get back on track.  Pain is a today issue - and it appears there are few people that want to help with that pain.

And then, the companies we work for - most of in constant "resource balancing" initiatives.  Meaning, you might be the resource they decide to rebalance - which only makes the price of gas and groceries (and all your other bills) seem higher and a burden.

Where's the trust, where's the faith?  I suggest a grassroots movement to restore the faith.  We can't rely on our politicians, the news casters, the pundits, the corporate executives to GIVE us faith, we have to just believe times will get better.  Start to trust that in ourselves more, and those around us, the ones that really create the economy.  We vote everyday with our dollars - with our purchases.  Have trust and faith that we will overcome - it starts with us, individually.  That's when things get better and not before.


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