I'm going to write a book...

I decided that it's time to write a story about the #1 export of America - Entrepreneurship.  In my opinion, the US has supported the world economy more through the way we export our ideas and business models, than by anything else.  The world of high tech, telecommunications, bio-medicine, automobiles - are just a few of the areas we have created industries and embraced technologies to create new businesses, models, processes, and ideas.

But this story needs to be about the people that really drive the economy - those visionaries that drive new ideas, sometimes through sheer will and determiniation.  Their belief in themselves and others is an inspiration to our country and our world.  And their stories are rarely front page news - but the should be.

So, I'm going to write a book to tell their story and to help inspire other people - young and old - to get out there and take a chance.  Express themselves through their ideas, through their creativity, through their belief in a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.

If you are a person that has started a business - regardless of financial success or failure - I want to talk to you.  Leave a comment below or go to my LinkIn page (my email is there) and email me your contact information.  We need to talk - because I want to hear your story.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for living your "Critical Assumption" daily!!


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