Initial Success is not THE PLAN

I read an article on one of my new favorite blogs called "The Rational Male" called "The Plan" and it hit me because in many instances, our PLAN is more about creating initial success (and wins) rather than full blown success or seeing something all the way through to the end.

In the post, Rollo writes about "dating" - and how just getting the girl to accept a date is not THE PLAN and that if you believe you are successful at this point, then you haven't really thought through everything yet.  But how many times do we "think" our first few wins means we are successful.

Now for me, the article is interesting because it makes a few points about how we trick our minds into believing that any small win/victory is the same as successfully executing THE PLAN.  Hey, I'm all for celebrating wins, but that doesn't mean the game (or plan in this case) of over.  Keep you head about you, keep winning, taking action, looking forward - but don't loose sight of the ultimate goal.

Getting the date (in this case) is a step, but it's not the full plan.  Understand your full plan, then you can determine when you win and when to celebrate.


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