It's been forever...

It's been a while since I decided to write a blog post - lots of stuff that has happened in my personal live over the past few years - but really, that's just an excuse - because everybody has problems and situations that come up that "keep them away" from things.

I was thinking the other day about "failures" - and if you've lived more that a few years, you have them.  But my thinking was..."is it failure, or just a learning experience?"...and that's what I'd like to write about, how those failures can be learning experiences.

Think about the worst failure in your life - in mine, it was the time when I held onto a startup business venture for too long, ran out of money while being the sole support for my wife and kids, and it was a very bad time. I don't think I really fully recovered from it - I still have those feelings of "how could I do that", "what kind of husband and father are you", etc. and so on.  That was the worst, and I carried it with me (and still carry it with me) to this day.

Now, I can't change history.  I can't go back in time.  And I can get back all those years from that moment to this one.  BUT, I could have decided to view it as something other than a failure.  I learned a bunch in my time - both professionally and personally.  I did things I've never done before.  I push some beyond some limits in myself, faced some fears.  There was lots to take out of that time.

So, here's my assumption - that the quicker you get beyond thinking of it as a "failure" and get to thinking of it as a "lesson" / learning experience - because that's where the you turn your experiences, success, failure or inbetween, into the stepping stones to your future.

Fail fast, learn quick, move onto the next.


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