New research indicates....

I've read a few articles today - working on a market position presentation - and have noticed something concerning what the "experts" are saying about the future of business...

In a nutshell, it's going to more "science than art" -- now think about it for a second. As opposed to the world turning into a kinder, gentler place; one in which we see the beautiful colors and marvel at this wonderful world - our lives are going to be increasingly governed by numbers, statistics and equations.

Today, I was told (via research) that the CIO and the IT department will be become more accountable to the company profits - making them justify technology within a Return-on-Investment model. Marketing will be all about "Market Analytics". Employees will be evaluated based upon metrics, created by software maintained by the IT department, based upon the recommendations of some marketing/strategy person - all in the name of "corporate responsibility to the shareholder".

To be blunt, if that's where business is going, then it sucks. It boils down to business as a science and mathematical equations. Where is the passion? Where is excitement? Where is the FUN? I still believe that executives should make heart-felt, informed decisions. Stockholders should hold their companies liable for more than profits, and employees should be valued beyond just "what have you done for me today" productivity metrics.

A large part of our lives is business (commerce, whatever) - it is impossible to get beyond that, but there has to be more to both our businesses and our lives - it has to mean something bigger than that.

Or at least I think so...AM


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