Big is Better (part two)

This may have a several parts - but the concept of Big-is-Better is a true "critical assumption" - AT&T has decided that the only way to compete is to be BIGGER than everyone else - that is merely an assumption, not the truth. Here's another assumption - smaller organizations are more nimble and can react quicker to customer/market demands - is it true, or merely an assumption.

It may be easier for AT&T (or any Meglacorp) to try to use their size as an advatage - in fact, if I'm another meglacorp, I may assume that AT&T will understand me better than a smaller company - or if my phone bill is bigger than the company that is trying to supply my telephone service, that may give me pause.

Big is not better than Small or medium or large, or extra large or extra small or micro or any other definition of size. That is a ME putting VALUE on size. And it is my assumption - it is not necesarrily the truth. Enough for right now... more later.

BTW, I love the fact that I can listen to my most favorite radio station KBCO while I'm sitting her blogging -- and the fact that I no longer live in Denver/Boulder area. It is the single best radio station in the entire world - that is not an assumption, it is the truth - and if I was a inclined to do so, I could probably prove it scientifically (or with mathmatics) - but just like my beliefs, I don't have to prove it, to know it's true.

I'll tell you why it's great, right now, I'm listening to Robert Cray (the thrill is gone), but just a few minutes ago, I was listening to the Verve, and before that Elton John. Now, that's great!!


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