Good Article about Smart People

OK, there are plenty of people that believe if you have a Wharton or Harvard MBA you are among the smartest people in the world - that may be true, it may not be. There are lots of different ways to evaluate "smart" - I just wanted to point people to another view.

Here's another view of the same subject...

Basically, smart is no guarantee of success, riches, happiness, rising to the top, getting published, securing financing for you business, whatever. And getting a bunch of smart people to work on your project (or within your business) may be the worst thing you could do.

I'm going to assume you are smart (you're reading blogs, that's some indication of intelligence), so that takes care of the left side of your brain - but don't forget the left side. Also, don't forget that you need to have people around you that want to help; Don't forget leadership; Don't forget about teamwork; Don't forget about all the big (and little) things that need to get done.

Smart is not the end all to be all - well rounded, will probably take you further.


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