My Top 2 Resouces for Business Planning

#1 Value Based Management [dot] Net
#2 CEOexpress

I do business/product/strategic planning for a megla-corporation and have found the following site invaluable when it comes to finding a planning model or framework - it's called Value Based ( and is edited by Jaap de Jonge.

I love thing because it presents a ton of models, grouped in one of four categories, all in one page. I can go down the list, find what I'm looking for, and quickly select it. Once selected, there is brief description of the model, financial term, framework, etc. Very nice and easy to use. Check it out.

On the same note, there is another site I have used for years. It is a one pager with links. Nothing fancy, but easy to navigate and click through to a specific site. Check it out at you may just find yourself using it instead your bookmarks/favorites.


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