Customers purchase services, Clients buy relationships

OK, by now you’ve determined that I’m opinionated, I have a very distinct idea about success and business. But here’s the deal, you may read this blog hoping to find a couple of ideas, phrases or concepts you could use. But you’ll potentially buy my book (if I ever write one), or visit my web site, or ask me to consult with your company or speak at your meeting because I have established the foundations of a relationship with you.

Every company has “faceless” customers that purchase from them. Not everyone wants to be involved in every company they purchase from. By the mere fact that you don’t try to become “personal”, you are giving them what they want, anonymity. But be careful, customers are shy and most receive such bad service in the past, it’s easier to buy and go.

As a service provider, it is your job to find out the type relationship your customers want to have with you. Determine how “personal” they want to be, but be honest in developing this relationship. Be prepared to run the gamut with individual customers. Be aware of their “moods” and abide by them. Sometimes all we want to do is buy and go, other times it would be nice to chat and build a relationship.


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