Checking up and Checking In

One secret of successful service providers is checking in (or up) on their customers. In some cases, it is to ensure they are happy with the service that everything is all right and nothing else needs to be done. In other cases, it is see if anything new required. In either case, it provides additional linkage between you and the customer.

A perfect example of checking up is the dentist my family uses – Dr. John Smith. After every procedure with any family member, he calls within 24 hours to make sure everything is all right and that there are not questions or problems. These calls don’t last long, but they leave a lasting impression – Dr. Smith cares about us. Does that mean we are bosom buddies or meet socially, no. We have a patient/doctor relationship. But anytime dentistry works its way into a conversation, I recommend Dr. Smith, mostly because he is a true service provider.

Not all services lend themselves to the check up/in, but for those that do, this is a powerful way to create a major difference between you and your competitors.


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