When a cliche comes true....

OK, I tell my kids all the time to "stop that or someone's going to get hurt". I've said it a thousand times and heard it probably a million times while growing up (or the other one "someone's going to get their eye put out"). Well last weekend it came true, luckily, no one was seriously injured.

Here's the deal, right now I'm away from my family during the week and there have been times (probably more often than not), that when I get home, I like to relax. (Some would call it being lazy). But last weekend, there was nothing to do -- so, to liven things up, I started wrestling with my oldest son, then my youngest son got into the mix. They were jumping on me, I was throwing them off - basically good clean fun. Then it happened - during one "body slams from the bed" moves, my youngest bounced off me and slammed his face into the base of the bed. I heard it - swaack - a moment of silence, then a loud, blood curdling scream.

Now, a little back ground, my youngest son is the one that has had stitches and emergency room visits - he is the one most likely to think jumping from the house to the pool is a good idea. So, when this scene unraveled last weekend, I assumed his nose would be broken and end with another trip to the emergency room.

Here's the scene right after the scream started....
Exit Right - oldest son, covering his ears almost in tears himself
Enter Right - Wife, with look of concern, questioning me about what happened
On the floor - youngest son, holding his face and doing the loud crying, while trying to catch his breath
On the floor - ME, wondering what to do, and knowing if there's blood, I'll probably faint.

Luckily, no broken nose, no stitches, no emergency room visit. But there was a severe tongue lashing by my wife - and as you can imagine, the phrase "why'd you do that" and "didn't you know someone would get hurt" came out of her mouth at least a dozen times.

But is sure was fun while it lasted.


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