Group Discounts, Hooligan Style.....

Got my latest newsletter from the folks over at Springwise (great site, you need to check it out if you are at all interested in new business ideas). And the following trend caught my eye....

Shoppers team up for better deals

Chinese shopping craze: consumers meet up in shops at a coordinated time, literally mobbing the seller and negotiating a group discount on the spot.

You ask why? - well since the beginning of time, People (that collective of folks out there living in the world) have always had power, but rarely do People realize it, let alone use it. Now that power can be used for good or bad - in this case, the power is used to get a better price.

Think about this, we all live in and around people, we go to worship (there are people there), our kids go so school (ah, more people) and we go to work (usually people there) -- are you seeing a pattern here?

We collectively have lots of power, I as an individual have limited power (as compared to People). Now, I'm not advocating a "borg" mentality - that everything is for the collective and nothing is for the individual. I'm just saying (don't you love that phrase?) that we belong to lots of communities of interest, and the whole is greater than the parts.

Besides, I like getting a deal just like the next guy.


  1. A simple idea but sure gets you thinking. I wonder what the reaction would be to say 30 or 40 people turning up to car dealership and offering to purchase all their stock of a particular model

  2. I'll bite -- what would happen? I bet you'd see a dozen sales guys actually shit their pants!! and it would take a couple days to get all the paperwork through the system (and how about the trick "well I need to check that with the sales manager"?) Thanks for stopping by coach - really enjoying your blog...AM

  3. I bet they would throw in the carpet mats for free, maybe even the window tinting - imagine everyone wanting a test drive at the same time - the mind boggles but it would be fun.


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