On a Mission to CURE Type 1 Diabetes

Did you know that there really is the possibility to cure Type 1 Diabetes?  Where you aware that "cures" are actually available long before pharmaceuticals hit the market?  How about that commercial drug companies (the names you know and traded on Wall Street) don't always want these cures on the market?

See, right now there's the possibility to create a $50 cure for Type 1 Diabetes - After several years researching a cure for Type 1 diabetes using islet transplantation, Dr. Denise Faustman, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and a Researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, has demonstrated the potential protocol to work for people who already have Type 1 Diabetes. She has begun a clinical trial, based on the protocol that worked in mice, that uses a generic drug that has been utilized as a vaccine for over 80 years.

To get more information, check out BCG Clinical Trials -- the cure is in sight, but with many things, it takes money to get it to market.  They are working to get this drug out there and helping out the smallest victims of the disease - just imagine waking up every morning and dealing with what to eat, when to eat, and how it's going to make your body "react".  Too many kids around the world are dealing with this disease -- it's time for a cure!


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