Springwise | 9 April 2008 | This week's freshest new business ideas

This weeks Springwise Newsletter - enjoy!!

People playing on Flying Grass CarpetFlying carpet, or pop-up pasture?
Lifestyle & leisure
Move over, man-made city beaches. There's a new summer leisure space in town: the Flying Grass Carpet. Coming to a concrete jungle near you?

Boy displaying his candle storeMini-franchises for kids
Education / Life hacks
Back in 2006 we wrote about Dutch Postbank's campaign to facilitate the efforts of kidpreneurs, and now a Florida-based company is taking the notion a step further by offering mini-franchises for kids.

Text blurb on a Google MapStorytelling with Google Maps
Media & publishing
The art of storytelling hasn't caught up with the internet's capabilities, at least not in the mainstream. Using Google Maps, Twitter and other web tools, Penguin Books is trying out new shapes for stories.

Bespoke blanket for Lydia, borne July 17th, 2006Bespoke baby blankets
Lifestyle & leisure
Personalized baby blankets aren't new. Scottish Studio Roam, however, has upgraded the notion another notch or two by offering bespoke blankets with the personalization knit right in.

Logo for IF99, one of GTA IV's radio stationsVideo game helps players name that tune
Gaming / Entertainment / Marketing & advertising
Grand Theft Auto IV is taking in-game music marketing to a new level. When they hear a song they like on the game's radio stations, playerscan call a dedicated number to find out what track they're listening to.

Steel bank vaultA virtual vault for information-age valuables
Financial services / Life hacks
Slated to launch this summer, Wells Fargo's vSafe is a secure online location where customers can upload and store copies of everything from the deeds to their homes to precious family photos.

Painted high-heel shoesOne-of-a-kind shoe art
Fashion & beauty / Style & design
We've already written about companies that let consumers customize their own dresses, lingerie and duvets, and now Toronto-based design firm Ndeur offers customized, hand-painted shoes.

Shopping list on WakoziQuick delivery e-commerce is back | Update
Retail / Life hacks
Wakozi, a new service that delivers beverages and munchies through-out Manhattan, does so without stock or delivery people. It's Kozmo, reborn in bootstrapping mode.

Magazine coverMagazine publisher for the masses
Media & publishing
For those interested in finding a wider audience for their (niche) mags, Issuu converts users' documents into interactive, magazine-style publications that can be viewed directly in a web browser.

Pictogram: book in mailboxBook lending made convenient
Media & publishing
You know a model is a good one when it gets copied far and wide, and one of the best examples today is Netflix. Now a few new contenders are applying the Netflix model to books.


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