10 Innovative Business Ideas from Springwise

It's time for your weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas! The latest Springwise newsletter is now online. Here's a quick run-down of the business concepts featured in this edition:

'I love u!' written on Whitelines grid paperWhite lines make paper stand out
Style & design / Eco & sustainability
People have used dark-lined writing paper since medieval times. Swedish Whitelines upends that tradition, making carbon-neutral writing paper that uses white lines against a light grey background.

Interior of Mastihashop in New YorkMastic fantastic — now in New York
Retail / Food & beverage
Back in 2006, we covered an ancient commodity that was being marketed in a fresh way—mastiha, made from resin of the mastic tree. Mastihashop has now made its way to NYC.

Guy sitting in a Myhab tent plus a girl sitting on the roofFestival tents with an eco twist
Lifestyle & leisure / Tourism & travel
Summer music festivals create recurring, short-term demand for accommodation. A new, student-invented UK company offers two-person festival tents made from recyclable materials.

Sample of gravanity magazineMore paparazzi for the masses
Lifestyle & leisure
No sooner did we write about MethodIzaz's personal paparazzi service, than another one popped up. Celeb-4-A-Day provides star treatment to everyday people in Austin, LA and San Francisco.

Book titled 'Grow Organic'Publisher's new imprint is greener, inside and out
Media & publishing / Eco & sustainability
UK publisher Dorling Kindersley has created an imprint that aims to 'green' an industry whose dependence on dead trees doesn't exactly make it an eco frontrunner.

Two larger than life figures projected on Virtual WallProjected pedestrians are traffic stoppers
Instead of showing a red light when it's time for pedestrians to cross the street, the Virtual Wall projects a curtain-like, two-dimensional image of giant people crossing.

Rows of white cars with parking signMarketplace for long-term parking
We've written on several occasions already about online exchanges for parking spots for short-term parking needs. A new contender, serving Canada and the US, focuses on long-term parking.

Sample ad in a Shadow notebookMore free love: notebooks for students
Marketing & advertising
Last summer we wrote about FreeHand Advertising and its initiative to give free, ad-supported notepaper to college students, and now ABS Notebooks is going a step further and handing out whole notebooks.

Antlered silver ringSouvenirs meet style
Tourism & travel / Style & design
In the hopes of keeping souvenirs out of the dustbin—where they inevitably end up—Souvenir Shop offers redesigned, recrafted and upgraded Canadian mementos.

Front half of a jetReverse fractional jet ownership
There are plenty of fractional jet ownership plans in which participants buy a certain amount of usage time. JetSuite, however, lets customers buy the whole plane and get paid when they aren't using it.

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