HitTail launches HitTail Premium - Buy now and get a discount!!

I always like to forward on information about HitTail -- The service is very valuable for those of us in the "long tail" of the world and Mike Levin seems to have his stuff together.


The HitTail team is excited to bring you a new product, HitTail Premium, which will allow you to export keyword suggestions directly into a Google AdWords campaign from the HitTail interface. Premium will also give you the ability to separate and examine organic search hits from paid search hits, allowing for even faster analysis of your site's traffic.

This convenient offering comes with a special promotion just for existing HitTail members. Sign up for HitTail Premium before June 30th and pay $19.95 for a monthly subscription or $199.95 for an annual subscription. That's a 33% savings off the regular rates. (Pricing information for HitTail Premium on the HitTail website will be higher than your promotional rate.)

Signing up for HitTail Premium is a breeze. Just log in to your current HitTail Basic account, go to the My Account page, click on the 'View' link, and then click on the option 'Switch to Premium'. HitTail will walk you through the signup procedure from there. Also, feel free to check out our live HitTail Premium demo.

We hope you'll find HitTail Premium an even more valuable resource to help you achieve your online marketing goals. Have a great day and thank you for being a HitTail customer!

- The HitTail Team


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