Conduit | browser toolbars for the masses

There's a company called Conduit that is has developed an easy an painless way to create your own, branded browser toolbar [you know, like the one up there right now from Google or Yahoo!]. I tried it out and it took me about 15 seconds to run through their quick setup -- granted you get what you get within that timeframe, but it was pretty cool and a very easy process. I decided to not finalize the toolbar - because I don't need one - but it was cool none the less.

Here are some facts about Conduit [published on their website - they could be "pumped up" a little]...
  1. Every 2 seconds, a new toolbar is created
  2. They have over 180,000 publishers and over 38 million users [that's a boat load in anybodies book]
  3. They list several 'A' list companies -- Fox News, Lufthansa, Major League Baseball, Greenpeace, TechCrunch, Softonic and small and medium organizations in 180 countries around the globe
The company is only three years old [started Jan 2005] and have several 'A' list backers. Their technology is patent pending and like I said, it appears to be working and is very easy to use.

Below are some sample toolbars, but they've got a bunch more listed on their site - with custom graphics and lots of fun buttons. Check it out if you're looking for an other way to engage your customers and build those online relationships.


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