Springwise | This week's tail-wagging new business ideas

Let's give it up for new ideas and the wonderful people that spot trends.  Here are the best picks from Springwise.  The one that is interesting, but I don't really get is the pop-up store -- these happen all the time, and mostly in the major metros.  Why not pop one up in a small town and really create some buzz.  Now college football season is almost over, but why not plan a pop-up next year by following around the ESPN College Game Day crew, and maybe get some TV exposure.

Springwise newsletter | New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

SNIF Tag on a dogRFID collar tag helps dog owners meet new friends
Lifestyle & leisure

The SNIF Tag is a small RFID device that attaches to a dog's collar
and records his or her daily movements and social encounters, and
emits a signal that's sensed by the tags worn by other dogs.

Toddler wearing fabric printed by SpoonflowerMore design-your-own fabric
Style & design

Spoonflower lets customers design and print their own fabrics for
USD 18 per yard with no minimum order, offering crafters yet another
level of creative expression.

HSBC kiosk at HeathrowPersonalized in-flight magazines at London Heathrow
Travel & tourism / Media & publishing

Starting early next month, banking giant HSBC will give passengers a
chance to select magazine articles and have them bound into a
hardback form they can take on their flight.

Hats and gloves on a billboard in GrazAustrian billboards give away free love
Marketing & advertising

Doling out generous amounts of free love, outdoor apparel brand
Northland has been affixing samples of its caps, gloves and scarves
to roughly 50 billboards throughout the city of Graz.

Teen Vogue Haute SpotPop-up store for teens doesn't sell a thing
Marketing & advertising / Media & publishing / Retail

Launching later this week, Teen Vogue's new Haute Spots will
provide teens with a space to hang out, try on new clothes, sample
new products and get advice from Teen Vogue staff members.

Screenshot of questions on RyppleProfessional feedback, instant & peer-to-peer
Life hacks

Rypple is a web-based peer review tool that enables colleagues to
give each other feedback on how they're doing, encouraging open and
honest responses that might not be given face to face.

Neon sign: 24 HoursMapping the 24/7 economy
Media & publishing

There are many reasons consumers seek businesses that are open
round the clock. Whatever the motivation, 2itch can help, offering a
map-based way to find establishments that are still open.

Man reclining on a bed, holding a cameraFree accommodation for visiting creatives
Travel & tourism / Marketing & advertising

Swedish jeans brand Elvine has equipped a suite for hosting artists
and creatives visiting Gothenburg. No charge, and no strings attached.
One worth emulating for creative brands around the globe?

Interior shot of Sampleplaza in ShanghaiTryvertising store comes to Shanghai
Marketing & advertising / Retail

Last year we wrote about Tokyo's Sample Lab, where Japanese
consumers can sample and test new products. A similar concept has
now come to China with the launch of Shanghai-based Sampleplaza.

Canon camera and the price Gazelle will pay for itMore cash for used gadgets
Life hacks

Gazelle buys a wide range of used gadgets, for resale or proper
recycling. Since launching this summer, the company claims to have
kept nearly 5 tons of e-waste out of landfills.


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