19 August 2009 | This week's most refreshing new business ideas

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upmygame Coaches provide athletes with frame-by-frame tips
Education / Lifestyle & leisure

Critiquing takes place via short videos uploaded by athletes: frame-
by-frame playback allows for precise commentary in the form of
diagrams and text.

soakmedia Free water for London commuters with on-bottle ads
Marketing & advertising / Non-profit, social cause

Summertime is filled with opportunities for brands to show they care,
whether by helping consumers find a place to change at the beach
or by giving them a little cooling refreshment during a heat wave.

culturelabel Online catalogue for museum & gallery products
Retail / Style & design

Long gone are the days of boring mugs and faded postcards, as
museums and other cultural institutions have become increasingly
savvy retailers.

designyourdorm 3-D tool helps students decorate dorm rooms
Homes & housing / Retail

DesignYourDorm is a web-based interior design tool that allows
college students to customize their dorm room interiors and
purchase what they need online.

autolib In Paris, a citywide scheme to share electric cars
Transportation / Government

Buoyed by the success of its bike-sharing effort, the city is now
apparently planning another ambitious initiative -- this time
involving electric cars.

wokai Donation-microloan hybrid helps rural Chinese
Non-profit, social cause

Wokai aims to do for China what Kiva has been doing for other parts
of the world. It developed a hybrid model that combines traditional
donations with the benefits of microloans.

burneycards Greeting cards designed for sharing burned CDs
Style & design

Created by Dutch firm Schmeitz+Freitag, the Burney CD Card
provides content-sharing consumers with a giftable alternative
to download links and plastic jewel cases.

icecreamists Absinthe-laced ice cream cocktail for men
Food & beverage

The Icecreamists' concoction is deemed so potent that sales are
limited to one per customer, although at GBP 11.99 customers
might prefer to split one with a special friend.

myfashionplate Online wardrobe management for fashionistas
Fashion & beauty / Life hacks

For truly dedicated fashionistas with more clothes than their
closets can handle, keeping track of individual items and
accessories can be a challenge.

allyoucanjet On JetBlue, a month of unlimited travel for $599
Tourism & travel / Marketing & advertising

Much akin to an all-you-can-eat buffet or an all-you-can-read digital
magazine subscription, New York-based airline JetBlue now offers
customers a month of unlimited travel for USD 599.

uowines Spanish wine for gay men
Food & beverage

We've already seen a banking service, a wedding boutique and a
travel website aimed at gay consumers; now there are wine brands
targeting gays as well.

pocketsmith Financial calendar predicts next month's bank balance
Financial services / Life hacks

Diving right into the ugly details, users can pick any given date and
receive a predicted bank balance for that day. So there's no more
wondering what will be left one week before (or after) Christmas.

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