26 August 2009 | This week's most colourful new business ideas

Springwise newsletter  New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

alacarte Hand-sketched maps feature drawings & local advice
Travel & tourism / Style & design

Travellers looking for city maps and advice face an overwhelming
array of alternatives. A Swiss startup presents what an artistic
local friend might create, complete with hand-drawn notes.

40winks Bedtime story events for grownups in pajamas
Travel & tourism / Lifestyle & leisure

Interior designer David Carter recently hosted a series of "Bedtime
Stories" events for grownups at his townhouse-turned-boutique-
hotel in East London.

kickstarter Crowdfunding for creative endeavours
Financial services

Brooklyn-based Kickstarter has picked up the crowdfunding concept
and created a site where artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, explorers
and others can raise the funds for their next big idea.

franklingower Design-them-yourself trousers for men
Fashion & beauty / Retail

LA-based clothiers Franklin + Gower let style-savvy men customise
their trousers with an eye-catching (or subtle) trim in a fabric of their

angrygreengirl Angry green girl targets eco-laggardly lads
Eco & sustainability

As many incentives as there are for consumers to go green, 'hot
girls' strikes us as fairly novel. Angry Green Girl is celebrating its
launch with a car wash featuring five models sporting green bikinis.

rentmineonline Referral program helps find tenants on Facebook
Homes & housing

Tenants can send notifications via their social network of choice:
Facebook, Plaxo, Twitter or email, and property managers can
monitor the reach of each referral campaign in real time.

delmioorto Remote farming for city dwellers: no-fuss veg gardens
Food & beverage

Offering urban Italians the opportunity to reconnect with the origins of
their food, Le Verdure Del Mio Orto lets them build an organic garden
right from their web browser. Harvests are home-delivered.

mexicocity Free medical insurance for Mexico City tourists
Government / Travel & tourism

Mexico City's tourism office is offering free medical insurance and
tourist assistance worth an estimated USD 30 per person to every

urbanoutfittersbikes Design-your-own bicycle in rainbow colours
Retail / Transportation

Through a partnership with Republic Bike, Urban Outfitters is bringing
design-your-own capabilities to its customers. For USD 399, bikes
are built to order in a colour scheme of choice.

bottonheathrow Heathrow installs De Botton as writer in residence
Tourism & travel / Media & publishing

Focusing both on the people who work at the airport and those that
pass through it, De Botton's weeklong layover will result in a book.
Heathrow will hand out ten thousand copies to passengers.

thinnerview Morphed photos help dieters visualize a thinner self
Life hacks

ThinnerView is a service that aims to help dieters keep their eye on
the prize, as the saying goes, by showing them how they'll look if
they achieve their goals for losing weight.

metrocuff Functional bracelets feature map of NYC subway
Style & design

Design Hype's NYC Metro Cuff is a matte metal bracelet embossed
with the subway lines, numbers and streets of Manhattan. Similar
cuffs for other cities are also on the way.

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