Springwise | 16 September 2009 | This week's new business ideas

Springwise newsletter  New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

solepowertile Solar panels shaped like clay roof tiles
Eco & sustainability / Homes & housing

The Sole Power Tile is a roof tile designed to sustainably convert
sunlight into electricity without compromising aesthetics. It's a solar
panel disguised as a clay roof tile.

duofertility Fertility device offers money-back guarantee
Lifestyle & leisure

A UK firm has developed a temperature-measuring device with
accuracy levels so high that it offers a money-back guarantee if
pregnancy is not achieved within 12 months.

dreamheels High-heeled shoes, designed by the crowds
Fashion & beauty

If consumers can design their own fabrics, dresses, handbags and
sneakers, it stands to reason that they should be able to create their
own high-heeled shoes too.

swissdnabank DNA and memories stored in Swiss nuclear shelter
Life hacks

Swiss DNA Bank offers ultra-secure storage that meets Swiss
banking regulations. For a one-time fee of USD 399, customers
can store both self-swabbed DNA and up to 1 GB of data, forever.

onepure Halal cosmetics for Muslim women
Fashion & beauty

It's estimated that 70% of Muslims worldwide live by the code of halal.
That's a big market for producers of halal food, but one that has largely
been ignored by the casually carnivorous cosmetics industry.

mariahcarey Sponsorship covers costs of Mariah Carey's latest CD
Entertainment / Marketing & advertising

Sponsorship comes in the form of a small booklet that accompanies
the album, filled with glossy advertisements that promote a Mariah
Carey-esque lifestyle.

worksnug iPhone app helps road warriors find a place to work
Telecom & mobile / Life hacks

WorkSnug uses augmented reality to show users which workspaces
are nearby along with reviews of their offerings: wifi access, power
supply, noise levels, community feel and, yes, even the coffee.

greenweaver Recycled plastic bottles into graduation gowns
Eco & sustainability / Education

The bottles are turned into molten plastic pellets, which are then spun
into a soft, breathable polyester fabric. An average of 23 bottles goes
into each gown.

vittana P2P student loans for the developing world
Non-profit / Social cause / Education

Entrepreneurs in the developing world have already benefited from
peer-to-peer lending programs. Aiming to bring similar benefits to
students is Vittana, which focuses on educational loans.

kyjen Brain-building toys for dogs
Lifestyle & leisure

If pets now have their own airline and their own social network, it
seems only fitting that canines should have more sophisticated
entertainment than the simple bones their forebears chewed on.

genero Music fans paid to create videos for fave bands

Currently on the verge of kicking off its first contest, startup Genero.tv
has signed on a number of artists interested in getting fans to create
the official videos for their music.

sneakerlisting Niche classifieds for sneakerheads
Fashion & beauty

Equal parts community and classifieds site, SneakerListing is a
new destination for sneaker aficionados to buy and sell limited
edition footwear.

joebikeCash for (two-wheeled) clunkers
Transportation / Retail

Portland bike vendor Joe Bike has launched its own Cash for
Clunkers program whereby consumers can donate an old car
or bike in exchange for discounts on a new utility bike.

getagreatboss Jobs site focuses on reviewing 'great bosses'
Life hacks

Operating under the principle that "people join companies, but they
leave bosses," GetaGreatBoss facilitates reviews of managers by
those best qualified to do so: the people who work for them.

looklet Virtual studio lets anyone be a fashion editor
Fashion & beauty / Media & publishing

Stockholm-based Looklet offers a selection of seven models,
38 backdrops and almost 2,000 items of clothing and accessories
that can be combined to try out new looks and combinations.

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