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indiescreenings Booking system lets anyone screen films for profit

Attempting to revolutionize the traditional movie screening business,
IndieScreenings lets anyone hire a film, show it to an audience
they've created, and keep the cash.

pokenpulse A new Poken, made for suit pockets
Life hacks

Many business professionals weren't comfortable whipping out a
plastic panda, and the 64 contact limit on the original Poken was
too constrictive. Poken's answer? The sleek Poken Pulse.

edhardyhabit Designer hand sanitizer from fashion label Ed Hardy
Fashion & beauty

Now that toilet seat covers, first-aid kits and vomit bags have been
upgraded with a splash of style, the Ed Hardy line of designer hand
sanitizer comes not a moment too soon.

overdrive Partnership promotes Sony Reader for library ebooks
Media & publishing

With more and more aspects of daily life abandoning their physical
form and appearing electronically, why should libraries be any
different? Sony partners with OverDrive to increase lending of ebooks.

heathrowdiary Alain de Botton's airport diary launched at Heathrow
Tourism & travel / Media & publishing

Last month, Heathrow Airport installed Alain de Botton as its writer in
residence for a week. As tweeted by de Botton yesterday, the book
he wrote at Heathrow has now been launched.

maythebestcarwin GM cars come with money-back guarantee
Automotive / Marketing & advertising

Bankruptcy-beleaguered GM attempts to win over new buyers by
offering a 60-day money-back guarantee on many of the cars it

blinka blinka.me helps people follow up on chance meetings
Life hacks

New Zealand-based blinka.me offers a way to find those we've met
just fleetingly at a bar, airport, conference or event, even if we don't
know their phone number, email or name.

flaschenfotos Niche bottle photography, now in Germany
Marketing & advertising

Great ideas deserve to multiply. Good example? A niche photography
business focused on shooting bottles. Launched in the UK earlier
this year, a similar concept is now open for business in Germany.

100kgarages Connecting creative consumers with local fabricators
Style & design

100kGarages is a community of workshops distributed around the
world that are equipped with the tools needed to precisely cut, drill,
machine or sculpt the components of virtually any creative project.

milkmade Members club for artisanal ice cream in Manhattan
Food & beverage

Launching soon, Milk Made will offer New Yorkers the chance to
have a pint of freshly-made ice cream delivered to their doorstep
every month. The service will be by subscription only.

pitchup Published Campsite directory with a fresh pitch
Tourism & travel

Pitchup.com lists over 5,000 camping and caravanning sites
around the UK and Ireland. Users can easily narrow down the
selection using a whopping 79 different criteria.

flavorcreator Vitaminwater's new flavour created on Facebook
Fashion & beauty

Using Facebook like an R&D lab, beverage company VItamin-
water is inviting users to create a new flavour, choose functional
ingredients and design a bottle.

milkorsugarCustomised goods, collected & reviewed

Helping consumers find their way through the customisation maze,
Milk or Sugar has started aggregating what's on offer, including
details like shipping regions and delivery times.

beautyalert Expiration-date stickers for cosmetics
Fashion & beauty / Life hacks

Aiming to protect consumers from the potential hazards of expired
makeup and skincare products, Beauty Alert has developed a line
of stickers to remind consumers when they're likely to go bad.

storysomething Personalized e-stories for kids on iPhone and Kindle
Telecom & mobile / Media & publishing

Story Something targets busy parents of kids aged three through
eight with a collection of original stories that can be personalized
and accessed online or via email.

threesquares Greeting cards for prisoners
Lifestyle & leisure

Los Angeles-based Three Squares Greetings sells a wide variety
of cards designed for inmates to both send and receive. Themes
include getting out, tough love, and acceptance.

lamontreverte Watch lets crowds monitor air quality in Paris
Eco & sustainability

A new initiative aims to equip Paris citizens with a special device
that can measure and report air-quality data regularly for collective

searschristmasSears Christmas card rewards shoppers for saving
Retail / Financial services

In a bid to coax consumers into spending more at the store this
Christmas, retail giant Sears is encouraging them to save first,
using their Christmas Club card.

gorenjerashid Colour-changing home appliances by Karim Rashid
Homes & housing / Style & design

Appliances in Gorenje's new line feature colour-adjustable LED
strips, which allow people to change the colour of their oven or

istorytime iPhone app narrates stories for young kids
Media & publishing / Telecom & mobile

Aiming to provide a more enriching experience than simply
playing with buttons or watching movies, iStoryTime is a new
iPhone application that's designed to bring stories to life.


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