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When you don't have any new ideas - you can still find inspiration on the internet. If you love looking at trends, you found the right post - Springwise is premium roast coffe for your business caffine needs [how about that for allegory?]. Enjoy!!

Springwise newsletter  New business ideas for entrepreneurial minds

groupstory Collaborative photo books help groups tell stories
Media & publishing / Lifestyle & leisure

A new photo book service allows groups to pool their photographs
and collaborate online to merge their memories and create multi-
faceted, story-telling books.

kickstand Bicycle-powered stand serves up coffee hot and cold
Food & beverage / Eco & sustainability

Brooklyn-based Kickstand Coffee uses two bicycles, a fold-up stand
and a hand-cranked grinder to serve up sustainable hot and cold
coffee at events around the city.

31projects Project marketplace connects businesses and
MBA students


31Projects helps connect graduate students with companies and
organizations in need of business expertise.

stewartenterprises Online tool helps families begin planning funeral
Life hacks

Aiming to prepare families and make the process easier, death-care
provider Stewart Enterprises has launched an online tool called the
Virtual Arrangement Conference.

twicketer Paperless mobile ticketing, no scanners required
Telecom & mobile / Life hacks

Mobile ticketing may offer myriad benefits for both event managers
and consumers, but most options still require specialized scanning
hardware to read the ticket from the user's device. Not so Twicketer.

ilovealldogs With every box of dog food, a meal for a homeless pet
Non-profit, social cause / Marketing & advertising

Attached to every Darford box of treats and food is an extra meal of
the company's Zero/G dog food intended specifically for donation to
a dog in need.

plancast Location-based app for sharing social plans
Telecom & mobile / Life hacks

Just as Foursquare allows consumers to keep tabs on each other's
current activities, so Plancast lets them track what their friends are
planning to do in the future.

pdxbikestation PDX installs bike assembly station for travellers
Tourism & travel / Transportation

Located on the airport's lower terminal roadway, the bike assembly
station will enable people travelling with bicycles to more easily
assemble and disassemble their bikes before and after flights.

tabbedout App lets consumers open and pay a bar tab by phone
Telecom & mobile / Food & beverage

Similar to the way RideCharge lets consumers book a taxi and pay
their fare by phone, TabbedOut lets them open a tab at their favourite
bar and then close it out by phone when they're ready to go.

flipboard iPad app turns social content into personal mag
Media & publishing

Flipboard bills itself as "a social magazine that brings to life the
stories, photos, news and updates being shared across Twitter
and Facebook.

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