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I just want to say that there are some seriously great musicians out there - performers, songwriters, self promoter, self engineering and producing artists. One of my favorite sites to visit on the web, and they have been around awhile is You've got to check it out, there are plenty of choices, and most of the bands are better than you hear on the radio. One thing I love, you get to download the MP3 files - so load up your iPod and get going (new and improved with Podcasting!!)

From their Web Site - A Brief History

The Old Company - was originally founded in October 1999
by Jerry Harrison (co-founder and lead-guitarist of the Talking Heads) and
entrepreneurs Tom Zito and Dr. Amanda Lathroum Welsh. The company quickly met its primary goal of creating an objective, meritocratic system for the internet
community to identify the best songs by emerging musicians.

In 2001, attempted to establish itself as a new record label, using the community to pick acts to sign. Armed with a new development model and a supportive cadre of top industry producers and engineers, the company produced several top notch albums. Unfortunately, the dot-com era was ending, and when failed to secure nationwide distribution and promotion, its very survival was at risk. The company almost ran out of cash and shut down its web site in February 2002.

The Rebirth - A New Company. In April 2002 a group of diehard employees and members stepped forward to save The site was re-opened in May 2002, and a new corporation, Evolution Artists Inc, was formed to acquire's assets. Our membership and traffic have grown steadily since. Jerry Harrison has remained as Chairman of the Board of the new company, and Sir George Martin has re-affirmed his commitment as Chairman
of the Advisory Board.


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