One step forward, two steps back (repeat)

The other day I was thinking about my career in high tech - I started out at a small software company - that later became a big software company. Then I moved onto the world of local area networking (LANs as we called them then), them to a distribution company, then to a managed services company, then to an outsourcing company.

In my 22 years, I've seen a few things, witnessed at least one minor bubble and one major bubble. I've known people that became multi-millionaires, people that had money that went bust and a few make the right steps at the right time - staying ahead of the curve.

Now, what's interesting me is that throughout out this time, the "market" has allowed a few companies to dominate and "push" their agenda. And what happens if their agenda is wrong - well companies can loose millions of dollars and people's lives can get ruined (or disrupted). It's interesting to think about, and maybe I'll write some more about my observations in depth...

Observation 1: Innovation is not driven by BIG companies, it is in the dreams of a single person, that has enough passion, drive and enthusiasm to stick with it. This is evident in what happens to these cool innovations when a BIG company buys them -- the innovation is usually "folded" into the some product line and it looses all sense of itself - one this happens, the passion is lost.

Observation 2: LAN technology of the mid 80's was more stable, more secure and more manageable that network technology of 2006. OK, I admit, there are lots more people to keep track of, but there were companies that created LAN operating systems that worked right out of the box, with management and security already thought out, and productivity software included. There were also applications that worked the right way for a networking environment - the server and the desktop worked together.

That's it for right now, more later.

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